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Placid Lassie

  The Douglas Aircraft Company was founded in 1921 in Southern California. The DC-1 (aka "Douglas Commerical") prototype was built for TWA in 1933. Which immediately lead to the production DC-2 being built from 1934 to 1939, including some for the military. The DC-3 first flew on 17 December 1935 and became the work horse airliner of the world. With the start of World War II, production switched to the C-47, the military version of the DC-3. 10,174 C-47s were built during the war. Placid Lassie was built in 1943 in Long Beach, California by the Douglas Aircraft Company as a C-47. She was Army Air Force order number AC- 20669 and cost $109,683. Her contract number (or serial) number was 9926. On 26 July 1943 she was turned over to the U.S. Government and assigned the military registration number 42- 24064.

From Long Beach she was flown to:
  • An unnamed airport on 27 July 1943
  • Baer Field (Fort Wayne, IN) on 29 July 1943
  • Daggett Air Base (13 miles east of Barstow, CA) on 31 July 1943
  • Bookley Field (near Mobile, AL) by 8 August 1943
In August 1943, she was assigned to the 74th Troop Carrier Squadron (TCS), 434th Troop Carrier Group (TCG). The 74th had been activated on 19 Feb 1943 at Army Air Base, Alliance, Nebraska.

Placid Lassie's story continues:


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